Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What should I wear to class?
Casual attire.

Q:Do I need dance shoes?
Though we do prefer dance shoes, they are not required. Slippas/Sandals don’t work well. Please wear a shoe that won’t stick to the floor while turning. Ladies – a shoe with a back – so that when you walk backwards you don’t come out of the shoe.
We recommend just bringing a pair of socks if you don’t have shoes that will work.

Q:Do I need a partner?
No partner is needed but bring a few friends anyway!

Q:What is rotation & do I have to rotate?
Rotation is when you dance with one partner for a few minutes, then switch partners.
We encourage rotation – dancing with different partners dramatically increases your lead and follow skills quickly. It’s also a great way to meet people and make new friends. We do understand that couples sometimes would like to stay together and only dance with each other and don’t force changing.

Q:What are group classes?
Group classes are classes where there are multiple people. Group classes are designed to be an introduction to dancing or as a supplement to private lessons. We do not recommend group classes for your primary dance instruction – they should be used to work on your leading/following skills, as a social medium, and to pick up new/off-syllabus steps.

Q:What is a private lesson?
Private lessons are where the real learning takes place. With private lessons you get individual attention from the instructor and can learn at a much greater pace and quality than with group lessons. Private lessons can be one-on-one or with a partner at no additional charge. Privates aren’t cheap, so splitting the cost with someone is a great idea!

Q:What should I take – private or group lesson?
We recommend both. Group classes are good for an introduction to the dance but real learning comes from the private lessons.

Q:Should I learn one dance or many?
We recommend to start with one dance of your choice. Once you’ve learned skills with one dance, it becomes easier to pick up new dances.

Q:I’m afraid I will look stupid…
We’re all in the same boat  No one was born dancing, it takes courage, hard work, and practice to look great. Many people opt to do private lessons first before joining a group class so that they will feel more comfortable and confident in public.

Q:I have no experience what class should I take?
Start with any of the Intro classes we offer or the Dance Basics program and then speak to an instructor about scheduling private lessons.

Q:I am an avid dancer, what level can I start at with your classes?
There are so many definitions of ‘avid’ dancer – schedule a visit with one of our instructors and we’ll be happy to recommend a level/course that is appropriate for your skills. No charge for the recommendation.

Q:With the group classes, what happens if I can’t make it to a class?
Progressive group classes – usually 4-5 weeks in length do build on steps. We review weekly so you may be able to miss a week and still be ok. If you feel you’re too behind, we recommend scheduling a private to catch up rather than just quitting.

Q:What is the difference between American and International Style?
Contemporary ballroom dancing comes in two major styles, American style and international style. American style was developed by the major U.S. studio chains, Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire, and by the independent U.S. studios. International style was developed by the British, particularly through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA). While most of the world uses int’l style exclusively, both styles are popular in North America.

We teach mainly American style but do occasionally offer some international classes too.

Q:What is a lead? What is a follow?
Think of dancing like driving a car – we really only want one person’s hands on the wheel at any time. This is leading. Following is reading the leaders subtle, graceful signals on where to step, how big, how fast, where to look, etc. Both are an art and a skill we happily teach.

Q:Why should I choose your dance studio?
We’re strongly biased, of course, in answering this question but, We truly believe in teaching people to dance together based on feel, balance, & connection. Some studios will cram steps down your throat or starve you for steps so they can string you along just to take your money whether your dancing really improves or not. Some studios will teach you steps but it’s basically partners memorizing steps and guessing what to do. The real magic of dancing is feeling and moving together. We teach the skills you will need to achieve a real connection with your dance partner. We genuinely care about you and your dancing!

Q:How long will it take me to learn?
Each student is different, it really depends how much time, effort, energy, and passion, and practice that you put into it.

Q:What is your cancellation policy?
Progressive group classes are non-refundable.
Private lessons have a 24hr cancellation policy and also expire within a certain time from purchase, each package varies. This can be extended with extenuating circumstances with owner approval – always best to contact us before expiration.